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Welcome to EqualPayPortal, the independent website aimed at equipping people to understand and deal with issues to do with equal pay and the gender pay gap. EqualPayPortal aims to:

  • Help you understand what the gender pay gap is and why it needs to be addressed – if you’re new to equal pay, take a look at the Where to Start page
  • Provide a single source of current and recent information on the gender pay gap
  • Promote good equal pay practice
  • Signpost sources of expertise

EqualPayPortal is cited in the Government’s free downloadable booklet, The Gender Pay Gap Matters, as a useful source of information.

Making your task easier

There is a wealth of information about the gender pay gap. As well as statistics, which are published annually, there is the legal stuff – statutes and codes of practice; government and sectoral equality strategies; guides to good practice; and academic and market research. So much information, in fact, that it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. EqualPayPortal will make your task a lot easier.

Sheila Wild 

EqualPayPortal is run by Sheila Wild, who has over thirty years’ experience of dealing with equal pay issues. During her time at the former Equal Opportunities Commission Sheila spent ten years working on equal pay cases and codes of practice. As Director of Employment Policy, a role she held for fifteen years, she lead the Commission’s work on equal pay, commissioning and developing a range of guidance on good equal pay practice, including equal pay audits. In 2007 Sheila moved across to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, where she continued to lead on equal pay.

Sheila left the Commission in 2011 to become an independent consultant and in 2012 she set up EqualPayPortal. Sheila is regularly called upon to give evidence to parliamentary inquiries into equal pay and the gender pay gap. 

If you’d like Sheila to work with you on your equal pay strategy, or draft guidance or advice for your organisation, you can contact her through  

You can find out more about Sheila on


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Last updated 19th August 2016