On this page you will find books and lists of articles and reports to do with equal pay and the gender pay gap.

Reading list

Equality and Human Rights Commission

The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s library has a selection of equality themed reading lists to support business projects and priorities. You can read the most recent list here.


Anthony B Atkinson, Inequality, what can be done? 

The key book on inequality, written with intelligence and compassion. Makes clear that income differences by gender remain an important source of concern. Calls for a national pay policy, which, while recognising the bounds placed by supply and demand in a global economy, does not let incomes be determined purely by market forces.

Harvard, 2015   ISBN 978-0-674-50476-9

Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever, Why Women Don’t Ask, the high cost of avoiding negotiation – and positive strategies for change 

Draws on research in psychology, sociology, economics and organisational behaviour to explore why women seldom ask for what they need at work and at home. Has plenty to say about earnings, expectations, and gender inequality.

Piatkus, 2007   ISBN 978-0-7499-2900-8

Steve Hilton, with Scott Bade and Jason Bade, More Human, designing a world where people come first

A timely and sensitive book, which has much to say about gender equality. A rare example of gender issues being given their rightful place throughout the book, and not relegated to a separate chapter.

WH Allen, 2015   ISBN 978-0-75-355711-2

Margaret Ward, Female Occupations, women’s employment 1850 – 1950

Of more than historic interest, as it provides an insight in to the origins and tenacity of occupational segregation.

Countryside Books, 2008.ISBN 978-1-84674-097-8

Alison Wolf, The XX factor, how working women are creating a new society.

Much quoted in Wolf’s evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee Inquiry in to the gender pay gap. Explains the consequences for women of the societal changes of the past few decades; aimed at high-earning women.

Profile Books. 2013   ISBN 978-1846684036

Last updated 9th January 2018