Equal Pay Portal Team

Emily Pfefer

I’m Emily Pfefer and I’m one of the team that is the Equal Pay Portal. I’ve was awarded my PhD in 2020 by Queen Mary University of London, where I also taught in the School of Business and Management from 2016-2020. My PhD thesis is titled: The Silence of Transparency: A Critical Analysis of the Relationship between the Organisational Salary Environment and the Gender and Gender/Ethnic Pay Gap in UK Higher Education. I now work on pay and contracts as a senior research advisor at the British Medical Association.

The passion that drove me to do my PhD is the same that excites me to support this valuable resource: I believe that everyone deserves equity and dignity at work. However, good anti-discrimination laws are not enough if women do not have the information to exercise their rights. I got my start analysing UK labour market statistics whilst working at the Trades Union Congress in the Economic and Social Affairs Department. I’m pleased to be able to use that background to keep this valuable public resource updated.

Carol Woodhams

I’m Carol Woodhams and I’m one of the team that is the Equal Pay Portal. I’m an academic and I work at the University of Surrey, however my interest in gender pay gaps extends behind the theoretical and hypothetical. I am also active in campaigning to close the gender pay gap – also pay gaps and pay inequality on other grounds.

I have recently been proud to lead the research and analysis arm of the Gender Pay Gaps in Medicine Review for the Department of Health and Social Care with Chair Professor Dame Jane Dacre, published in March 2020. This is a comprehensive review of a single occupation with a huge pay gap. WE have looked at all the causes, some big and some small. We hope it will be the start of real change for the women who earn so much less in their medical careers.


Last updated 20th May 2021